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Is it true that you’re sick and tired of repair professionals who make you stick around the house all day, just to leave you with a massive bill toward the end of the job? Here at American HVAC and Refrigeration Services, we take pride in treating clients right. This implies regarding your budget, time, and most of all making sure your air conditioning system is in the most ideal condition.

Our air conditioning company in Deerfield Beach, Fl., strives on providing locals with honest hard work with promised results at a reasonable price. Regardless of the issue, or your make and model, our technicians are equipped to diagnose the problem and recommend the most effective course of action. We will service you to make sure your AC is running at peak efficiency to help keep the house cool and the electric bills lower.

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Rely on us if your AC experiences:

  • Electric Control Failure
  • Sensor Troubles
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Drainage Complications
  • Insufficient Maintenance

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Air Conditioner repairs are not something to take lightly in Florida. You do not want to take the risk of hiring and inexperienced contractor when it comes to repairs on your home’s AC unit. Misdiagnosing the underlying problem or taking shortcuts during repairs will only lead to more expenses in the near future. When you call American HVAC and Refrigeration Services, you get licensed and trained technicians/professionals who, with much experience, know how to pinpoint the issue and broaden the usable life expectancy of your unit’s parts. Trust in us for all your Air Conditioner Repair needs, we are dedicated to you and your comfort.